Poetic Meter: An Introduction

The primary feet used in poetry are: (NOTE: v = unaccented, ^ = accented) Iambic: v^ Anapestic: vv^ Trochaic: ^v Dactylic: ^vv The substitutive feet are: Spondaic: ^^ Pyrrhic: vv The different line lengths are: One foot: Monometer Two feet: Dimeter Three feet: Trimeter Four feet: Tetrameter Five feet: Pentameter Six feet: Hexameter Seven feet: Heptameter Eight feet: Octameter For example: v   ^     […]

Poetic form to try: Song thất lục bát

A song thất lục bát is a Vietnamese form. It consists of two quatrains containing two seven-syllable lines, followed by a Lục bát couplet (a six-syllable line and an eight-syllable line). Each line requires certain syllables to exhibit a “flat” or “sharp” pitch (• = neutral), and a complex rhyme scheme (A, B, etc). • […]