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Drewisms (2015)

psychedelic clock transparent blackDrewisms, the first book of poems by Drew Mazur, explores affection, youth and acceptance. Composed of sketches from Drew’s notebook, 35mm photography and song lyrics, Drewisms is a celebration of daydreams and over 3 years of poetics.


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Reviews on Goodreads:

A fantastic debut! Drew Mazur’s work is poetry to behold. Each piece reminds me why I write. To be this good, I’m assuming Mr. Mazur sold his soul to some poetry-loving Devil. ‘…a poet needs his words,’ he writes, and his words are beauty unfolded.


…His lyrics are lovely and descriptive with potential to inspire. They were in fact my favorite aspect of this book. Drew showcases his range with his poetry. Much of it flows very well and conveys thought-provoking concepts. Throughout the work I felt he was channeling the likes of Mary Oliver and Leonard Cohen. As you travel deeper into the book, Drew’s voice and style comes into its own….