ENNUI (2020)

Featuring the accompanied talents of Rory Mazur, Daniel Chironno “DTronic“, Danny Lipsitz, Abby Adams, Tara Mazur and Andrew Kaplan, Ennui is available!

Drew Mazur – Vocals, piano, synths, alto saxophone, guitar
Andrew Kaplan – lead & acoustic guitars
Rory Mazur – drums
Tara Mazur – vocals
Drew Mazur – vocals, piano, synth, soprano saxophone
Rory Mazur – guitar
Abby Adams & Daniel Chironno – vocals
Drew Mazur – vocals, piano, synth, guitar
Danny Lipsitz – Le Saxophoniste Virtuose
Rory Mazur – guitar
“Adagio for Stings”
Drew Mazur – Vocals, piano, keyboards
Rory Mazur – Guitar
“Road Narrows”
Drew Mazur – Vocals, piano, keyboards
Abby Adams – Backing vocals
Rory Mazur – Guitar
Music & Lyrics by Drew Mazur
Produced by Drew Mazur and Daniel Chironno “DTronic”
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Chironno “DTronic”


Drewisms, the compilation album of demos inspired by Drewisms: Poems, Lyrics & Reveries, is available on BandCamp.

Music & lyrics by Drew Mazur
Produced and recorded by Drew Mazur