Drew composed an original score for the feature film For 20 by Blaze Mazur. The score features a piano arrangement of”My Own Air” by The Modern Tribe.

After the loss of a dear friend, college student Chance returns home to his affluent hometown in suburban Connecticut and reluctantly begins to see a psychiatrist at the behest of his mother. Disregarding the advice of the doctor and descending further into depression, Chance conceives of a plan to take over the local marijuana trade. He enlists the help of several friends and acquaintances and forms a business known as the Sleight of Hand. This plan, however, extends well beyond his control and the company begins to unravel as he continues to unsuccessfully cope with his pain. He must now juggle his mother, doctor and cover job, as well as keep his business one step ahead of the local authority. Chance’s substance abuse and mental instability collide as he falls deeper into a world of vice and psychosis.


Dir. Jonathan Ni & Franklin Wang, Music composed by Drew Mazur