NYC Open Mics

Here’s a list of useful information about some open mics in NYC. This list is a work-in-progress. Feel free to comment and fill in the blank info. NYC OPEN MICS Name Average # of performers Day Sign-up time Starts Average set time House Piano or Keyboard How spots are chosen Location Cover Sidewalk Cafe 50 […]

Daughter of the Wind now available

“I will wrench open my heart and pour its blood over you. I will be satisfied if, when my own heart has ceased to beat, your breast houses new life.” – Natsume Soseki Dear listeners, I would like to thank you for your patience. Heart, sweat, blood and tears went into the release you see […]

#DOTW coming April 28

CT singer-songwriter and musician Drew Mazur is releasing a new single, “Daughter of the Wind”, on Friday, April 28th. “Daughter of the Wind” features Rory Mazur on guitar, Abby Adams on background vocals and Mazur on lead vocals, piano, synths and soprano saxophone. The single was produced by Mazur and the talented Daniel Chironno “DTronic”. […]