Poetic Meter: An Introduction

The primary feet used in poetry are: (NOTE: v = unaccented, ^ = accented) Iambic: v^ Anapestic: vv^ Trochaic: ^v Dactylic: ^vv The substitutive feet are: Spondaic: ^^ Pyrrhic: vv The different line lengths are: One foot: Monometer Two feet: Dimeter Three feet: Trimeter Four feet: Tetrameter Five feet: Pentameter Six feet: Hexameter Seven feet: Heptameter Eight feet: Octameter For example: v   ^     […]

Wordsworth and Whitman

William Wordsworth says in his “Advertisement” to Lyrical Ballads that poetry must be diverse in its subject matter. This must not be evident due to the writing of critics, but in the poetry itself. The poems, he says, are experiments, applying lower/middle class conversational language rather than superior language often used in classical and formal […]