How to get your self-published book into Stores

Getting your book noticed is an arduous process that frustrates you to the point that you throw your mobile phone against the wall. But there are options out there to at least get it into stores, or at least into people’s hands.

1) Self-publishing platforms

It may seem like a hail-mary, but self-publishing is a viable option for writers. I published a book on CreateSpace (now moving their library to Kindle Direct Publishing) and was fairly satisfied with the product. It produces an ISBN for you and tracks and reports your income, which makes the tax paying process a breeze. Another new option is NOOK, the Barnes and Noble brainchild and competitor of Amazon’s CreateSpace/Kindle. If you really prefer getting your book into Barnes and Noble, I’d recommend this, as Barnes and Noble makes it increasingly difficult for Amazon publishers to get into their inventory. Nook Publishing allows you to get your book into Barnes and Nobles, but only after selling a certain number of copies, sorry…

2) Consignment

A very popular option with indie bookstores is a consignment deal. When you print copies of your book, bring at least 3 copies to an indie bookstore and say you would like a consignment deal. They will take the books, but not pay you on the spot. Instead, they wait until they sell, then you can pick up your cut of the pay and restock them. They usually pay you 60 percent of the book’s cost; so if your book’s printing cost is 5 dollars, make sure the book costs at least 10. In addition, this is a great way to reach the indie market. Even if it doesn’t sell right away, the idea of your book cover catching the eyes of consumers is worth walking around Brooklyn with a box of 30 books. If you can get people to recognize the book, they may eventually buy it in one store or another. ALWAYS remember to contact each store every 6 weeks, to see if the book sold and to restock the store.

3) Major book stores

Again, if your goal is to get into Barnes and Noble, try their Nook Publishing services. You will need to sell a large number of books before they will even consider your book for their shelves, and it will take time. If you aren’t that concerned with them, the indie market is the way to go. If you want to get your book into an Amazon store, it’s basically the same if not harder. So getting your book into Amazon bookstores still requires a track record of selling the book. Think about all these factors before self-publishing on one platform or the other.